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KNet: Template Usage Guide

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To install the templates executes the following command within a command shell:

dotnet new --install MASES.KNet.Templates

The command installs the latest version and on success will list all templates added to the list of available templates. They are:

  1. knetConsumerApp: a project to create a consumer application for Apache Kafka
  2. knetPipeStreamApp: a project to create a pipe stream application for Apache Kafka Streams
  3. knetProducerApp: a project to create a producer application for Apache Kafka
  4. knetConnectSink: a project to create a library which conforms to an Apache Kafka Connect Sink Connector written in .NET
  5. knetConnectSource: a project to create a library which conforms to an Apache Kafka Connect Source Connector written in .NET

Simple usage

The first three templates are ready made project with enough code to use them directly. To use one of the available templates run the following command:

dotnet new knetConsumerApp

the previous command will create a .NET project for an executable. The user can modify the code or just execute it against an Apache Kafka server.

SDK templates

The last two templates (knetConnectSink, knetConnectSource) are not ready made project: they are skeletons for Apache Kafka Connect Source/Sink Connector written in .NET. The available code does not do anything: the functions in the code shall be filled to obtain some results.

With the available code the user can verify how an Apache Kafka Connect Source/Sink Connector, written in .NET, works; to do this the projects can be compiled to obtain an assembly. See Connect SDK for some information on how use it.