Table of Contents

KNet roadmap

The roadmap can be synthetized in the following points:

  • [X] Add classes to simplify management from .NET:

    • [X] Producer/Conusmer
    • [X] Admin
  • [X] Create KNet CLI to run tools of Kafka from dotnet tool;

  • [X] Create Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams bridging classes for .NET to mix both any JVM language (Scala, Java) and .NET languages;

  • [X] Create KNet Connect to run connector based on KNet Connect SDK;

  • [x] Add features to extend ability to use .NET packages (e.g. EntityFramework) with Kafka Streams.

  • [X] Add PowerShell client

  • [X] Add KNet Connect SDK

  • [X] Add KNet Streams SDK