Table of Contents

KNet: development state

This release comes with some ready made classes:

  • [X] The command line interface classes (i.e. the executables Apache Kafka classes), the ones available under the bin folder of any Apache Kafka binary distribution, can be managed using the KNetCLI, e.g. ConsoleConsumer, ConsoleProducer and so on.
  • [X] Producer/Consumer classes
  • [X] Apache Kafka Admin Client covering all available APIs: since many classes are marked with @InterfaceStability.Evolving annotation some properties or methods can be missed; use dynamic code to interact with Admin API types.
  • [X] Almost completed Apache Kafka Streams
  • [X] Almost completed Apache Kafka Connect
  • [X] .NET Apache Kafka Connect SDK (a basic version)
  • [X] KNet Connect: added autonomous executable to start connectors based on KNet Connect SDK
  • [X] KNet PowerShell: added some cmdlets
  • [X] KNet Streams SDK: added many classes

If something is not available use API extensibility to cover missing features.