Table of Contents

KNet: Command line switches available

knet accepts the following command-line switches:

  • ClassToRun: represents the class to be executed; the list is:
    • Administration scope:
      • AclCommand
      • BrokerApiVersionsCommand
      • ConfigCommand
      • ConsumerGroupCommand
      • DelegationTokenCommand
      • DeleteRecordsCommand
      • FeatureCommand
      • LeaderElectionCommand
      • LogDirsCommand
      • MetadataQuorumCommand
      • ReassignPartitionsCommand
      • TopicCommand
      • ZkSecurityMigrator
    • Server scope:
      • KafkaStart
      • ZooKeeperShell
      • ZooKeeperStart
    • Shell scope:
      • MetadataShell
    • Tools scope:
      • ClusterTool
      • ConsoleConsumer
      • ConsoleProducer
      • ConsumerPerformance
      • DumpLogSegments
      • GetOffsetShell
      • MetadataQuorumCommand
      • MirrorMaker
      • ProducerPerformance
      • ReplicaVerificationTool
      • StorageTool
      • StreamsResetter
      • TransactionsCommand
      • VerifiableConsumer
      • VerifiableProducer
    • Connect scope:
      • ConnectDistributed: moved to KNetConnect (see KNetConnect)
      • ConnectStandalone: moved to KNetConnect (see KNetConnect)
      • KNetConnectDistributed: available into KNetConnect (see KNetConnect)
      • KNetConnectStandalone: available into KNetConnect (see KNetConnect)
      • MirrorMaker2
  • KafkaLocation: represents the path to the root folder of Apache Kafka binary distribution; default value consider that KNetCLI uses the Apache Kafka jars available under the jars folder prepared from the package;
  • ScalaVersion: the scala version to be used. The default version (2.13.6) is binded to the deafult Apache Kafka version available in the package;
  • Log4JConfiguration: the log4j configuration file; the default uses the file within the package;
  • LogPath: the path where the logs are stored;
  • DisableJMX: disable JMX, JMX is enabled by default.

Plus it accepts from:

JVM identification

One of the most important command-line switch is JVMPath: see KNet usage to find more information.